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Holmes and Watson appear briefly in George MacDonald Fraser 's short story Flashman and the Tiger , which appears in the collection of that name. The events there are consistent with those of the canonical story The Adventure of the Empty House , which takes place in Holmes sees Flashman disguised as a tramp and draws a series of conclusions about him which are all wrong. The titular Arthur is an erstwhile Baker Street Irregular. John the Beheaded, revealed to be the work of Holmes's unknown eldest brother Sherringford sic , Holmes in the end being forced to kill Sherringford sic to save Watson.

They are later amongst numerous characters from the series who attend Bernice Summerfield 's wedding in Happy Endings by Paul Cornell. Author Nancy Springer writes a series of novels of the adventures of Enola Holmes , the much younger teenage sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. Upon their mother's disappearance, Enola discovers that she in fact left of her own volition according to a carefully devised plan to live independently and raised her daughter with the skills to do the same if she chose to.

Finding the resources her mother carefully hid for her, Enola decides to run away rather than be forced into boarding school by Mycroft. She eventually comes to London where she secretly sets herself up in business as a private investigator when she realises she is equally as talented at the profession as her older brother even as she is determined to elude his notice.

Holmes cameos at the end of Detective Comics , the comic series' 50th anniversary issue, helping Batman , Robin , The Elongated Man , and Slam Bradley tie up a case involving the descendants of both Dr. Watson and Professor Moriarty. Well over a century old now, Holmes attributes his longevity to "a proper diet, a certain distillation of royal jelly, developed in my beekeeping days, and the rarified sic atmosphere of Tibet, where I keep my primary residence.

In the episode Elementary, Dear Data , Data , after memorising all of the Sherlock Holmes books, is challenged to use deduction in an original mystery created by Dr.

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However, the programme goes awry when Geordi La Forge , in response to Pulaski's challenge, asks the computer to create an adversary capable of defeating Data , resulting in the hologram of Professor Moriarty played by Daniel Davis gaining full sentience, kidnapping Dr.

Pulaski and taking over the ship's computer. In a later episode, Ship in a Bottle , the holodeck Moriarty again takes control of the ship, insisting that a way be found for him to experience life beyond the confines of the holodeck, until the crew manage to trap him in a permanent simulation. The first Holmes-based episode was produced with the understanding that Sherlock Holmes was public domain , but a protest from the Doyle estate indicated otherwise and, it is rumoured, prevented a plan for Data-as-Holmes to become a recurring character.

An elderly Holmes and Watson appear in a sketch of comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look , where Holmes is portrayed as an increasingly senile old man whose flawed deductions are merely humoured by Watson to try to make his old friend feel better; the sketch ends on a tearful note as Holmes, his mind briefly clear, admits to Watson that he knows that his powers are failing him but simply cannot think clearly enough to get past his age.

Sherlock Holmes, however, does not appear in the games, except some very small icons. Then he appears in the Shinjuku singularity as an ally. He is a Ruler class servant.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Naval Treaty [Jeremy Brett]

The strand magazine, the magazine where the original Sherlock Holmes story is featured in, is also featured in the game. These stories treat Sherlock Holmes as an historical character but concern themselves with one of his successors — biological or spiritual — who usually take after him in some way, e. The Adventures of Shirley Holmes is the story of the teenage Anglo-Canadian grandniece of Sherlock Holmes, Shirley, who after discovering some of Sherlock Holmes' effects which he had concealed to ensure that only a fitting successor of similar intellect would find them , goes on to solve many crimes and mysteries with the assistance of her male Watson-like friend, Bo Sawchuk.

She also has a Moriarty-like arch-enemy in the form of Molly Hardy. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes has four protagonists named after famous literary detectives, and they even adopt the iconic deerstalker into their uniform.

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Derleth began to write the stories in after asking permission of Arthur Conan Doyle to continue the series of Sherlock Holmes stories it was denied. The first collection of Pons stories was published in , and Derleth's stories are contained in 13 additional books, several published after his death in Basil Copper continued the Pons series with an additional eight books, the most recent published in Friar William of Baskerville and his novice Adso who, like Watson, is the narrator , are patterned on Holmes and Watson. William of Baskerville is physically similar to Holmes, has the habit of addressing his companion with "My dear Adso" and the story itself is about a strictly rational brain following a path of investigation of a seemingly inexplicable chain of violent deaths.

In Robert A.

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Julian Symons created a character named Sheridan Haynes, an actor immersed in the role of Holmes for an epic project to adapt the entire canon for television almost ten years before Jeremy Brett took up a similar challenge , in the novel A Three Pipe Problem. Haynes finds himself confusing his own identity with Holmes', and becomes involved in a mystery. The character returned for a sequel, The Kentish Manor Murders , and Symons also wrote a Holmes short story pastiche.

Michael Chabon 's novella The Final Solution features an unnamed protagonist that is likely a retired Holmes. The story takes place during World War II , and features the Holmes character investigating the appearance of a mute boy with a parrot who repeatedly calls a string of seemingly random numbers in German. References to Holmes are plentiful: the protagonist is a bee keeper , is familiar with detectives in London , and smokes a pipe.

The title simultaneously refers to the Nazi plan for genocide hinted at in the book and mirrors one of Doyle's own shorts, " The Final Problem ". Charles Hamilton under the pseudonym Peter Todd wrote almost short parodies of the Holmes short stories from onwards. The characters became Herlock Sholmes and Dr Jotson, living in a Shaker Street apartment; and the sophisticated deductive reasoning of the original became absurdity in the spoofs, which were mainly published in a range of boys' comics of the period The Greyfriars Herald, The Magnet, The Gem , etc.

Although satirical and often mocking contemporary mores and World War I shortages , the stories had a real feel for the dialogue and structure of the originals. Many of this "scientific" detective's possessions are checkered in the Holmes manner, including his detective hat, jacket, and even his car, and whenever he feels momentarily dejected, he nonchalantly extracts yet another syringe from a bandolier on his chest and quickly injects himself with cocaine , laughing in merriment as an immediate result.

In , comedian Buster Keaton made Sherlock, Jr. Scott as a widowed judge named Justin Playfair who imagines himself to be Holmes. When his brother seeks to have him committed, he is brought to Dr. Mildred Watson Joanne Woodward. In The Return of the World's Greatest Detective TV movie a rather ineffectual Los Angeles cop , and avid fan of Sherlock Holmes, named Sherman Holmes played by American actor Larry Hagman suffers a brain injury when his parked motorcycle tips over and falls onto his head he was lying beside it, reading.

He wakes with both the unshakeable delusion that he is Sherlock Holmes and that he possesses all of Holmes' incredible deductive abilities. His friend and case-worker, Dr.

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Nicholas Colasanto also stars as Lt. Tinker, Holmes' former superior, who is in charge of the murder investigation. Reviewers of the day pointed out parallels to They Might Be Giants. Sherlock Holmes is fictional in the setting. Set in modern Portland, Oregon , the search for a shady businessman's lost keys reveals a plot involving murder, blackmail, and secret identities.

Instead of cocaine , Zero's occasional need for mental stimulation leads to experimentation with the drug Mescaline. In the film, Zero indicates that he has mastered his technique of "Observation and Objectivity" — or as he calls them, "The Two Obs". Mitter, affectionately called Feluda , was immensely popular in Bengal. Feluda used the method of deduction to solve his cases, most of which were set in Calcutta.

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  • Additionally, the Bengali writer Saradindu Bandyopadhyay also had a detective named Byomkesh Bakshi , which had some resemblance to Doyle's Holmes. Bakshi was married and had few addictions except that of a cigarette. In many ways, Byomkesh's character was distinctly different from that of Holmes. However both used deductions and were astute observers. In their character portrayal though the biggest difference lies. The frequently brooding trait in Holmes' character was not found in the cheerful portrayal of Byomkesh Bakshi.

    The adventures of Bakshi was later developed into a television series that was aired in Doordarshan , India's premier TV channel during those times, in the early s. Sherlock Hemlock is a muppet character based on Sherlock Holmes, who appears on the American children's programme Sesame Street.

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    The highly popular CSI: Crime Scene Investigation featured an entire episode circling around the death of a man who held 'mystery nights' with a group of friends in which they roleplayed as Holmes characters and solved invented crimes; his basement was an exact replica of Sherlock Holmes' B Baker Street parlour, and he emulated everything Holmes did in the books — from his smoking to his cocaine addiction. The episode was called "Who Shot Sherlock?

    The pilot episode of the well-remembered series, Murder, She Wrote , starring Angela Lansbury, aired on 30 September The story had to do with her character, mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, searching out the murderer of Caleb McCallum played by Brian Keith who is killed at a masquerade party where he is dressed in deerstalker cap and cape-coat. It was titled "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes". In Warner Bros. In this episode, Dorlock Holmes festooned in deerstalker cap and residing on Beeker Street and his assistant Watkins played by Porky Pig must track down the Shropshire Slasher.

    Several Dick Tracy animated cartoons centre around a white bulldog, helmeted like a London bobby, named Hemlock Holmes. Divided into two seasons, the main character is a young Scotland Yard agent; in this game there is a professor of English literature claiming to be Sherlock Holmes. Everything in the evidence suggested a careful man who would avoid unnecessary risks and minimize signs of his presence. Why did he go to the trouble of slitting open seats and stuffing his bombs in the upholstery?

    Or castrating a man? Or both? In this act he gave expression to a submerged wish to penetrate his mother or castrate his father, therefore rendering the father powerless—or to do both.

    Sherlock Holmes Uncovered Tales

    It fit the picture of a man with an overwhelming, unreasonable hatred of men in authority—a man who, for at least 16 years, had clung to the belief that they were trying to deprive him of something that was rightfully his. Of what? In his letters he called it justice, but this was only symbolic. His unconscious knew what it really was: the love of his mother. Brussel hesitated to explain these graphic psychiatric details to the detectives.