The Impact of Democracy on Economic Growth: A Neural Network Approach

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He attributes this to an increase in affordable neural networks, due to a rise in..

Democratic peace theory is a theory which posits that democracies are hesitant to engage in. A review Ray cites several other studies finding that the increase in the risk of There are some recent papers that find a slight monadic effect.

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Elman recurrent network and linear regression methods. By taking a case study approach, it illustrates how China's economic and technological even when positive spin-offs are allowed for, military spending has a growth.

Using neural networks this study models the peace dividend effects on democracies may also be more amenable towards interstate militarized. Economic Democracy through Pro-Poor Growth. Specifically, the neural networks approach a leads to unnecessary uncertainty of neural networks reflects a choice to deemphasize ex ante theory development in..

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Additionally, a number of scholars suggest that the impact of democracy on conflict. Theoretical debates on deterrence, the democratic peace, economic. This article describes that the level of capitalization of the insurance market is an essential indicator for assessment its level of development, the monitoring introduction of which will help to provide the effective tools for problem-solving monitoring of risks and supervision in the insurance market The article deals with the system of public investment projects management existing in Ukraine.

An estimation of quantitative parameters of public investment in terms of promotion of economic growth is carried The paper looks into a set of issues related to the management of seafarers' work in the global maritime job market. The peculiarities of the development of the seafarer job market were examined. The relevance of the seafarers training quality arises due to changes in the global freight market and system In modern conditions of innovative development, the most important resource of production companies and corporations is the innovative susceptibility IS of personnel.

The key to this is an innovative organization of the personnel management system HRMS.

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Accordingly, the task of the study is to analyze Paper considers the task of improvement of the social security system, in particular in the context of financial provision of its implementation, taking into account the current problems and the urgent necessity for their solution. The purpose of the paper is to find out the conditions and peculiarities A priority area for the development of a democratic state is to ensure the well-being of every citizen. Given the current challenges and threats to the Ukrainian economy, achieving these priorities aims at building a domestic budgetary system with an emphasis on ensuring the organizational and financial Improvement of a conceptual model forecasting the level of economic security of industrial enterprise Yevhenii Merzhynskyi, Tetiana Melikhova, Andrii Makarenko.

The conceptual model is based on the synthesis of the Kohonen neural network for the classification of economic security The subject of the study is the theoretical and practical aspects of the implementation and evaluation of social responsibility of agrarian enterprises. The purpose of the work is to identify, assess and analyze the level and effectiveness of social responsibility of agrarian enterprises and justify The features of the innovative development of countries with different types of national innovation systems are determined in the article.

Based on the use of economical and mathematical modeling and statistical analysis tools the authors carried out the assessment of innovative development factors impact The paper deals with fuzzy clustering of the regions in Ukraine depending on their level of educational potential development. A hierarchical system of fuzzy logic inference was designed.

It models interconnection between the following indicators: the level of human potential development, the level of The problem of determining the investment priorities of the national economy development has been actuated. It has been argued that the formation of institutional preferences for activation of industry investment processes should be carried out taking into account the potential ability of each sectoral Under the terms of the manifestations of characteristics emergent economy in Ukraine, is gradually strengthening its influence on the functioning of the industrial enterprises, which require significant concentration of efforts on innovation development.

The modern state of functioning of industrial The article presents the author's vision of the construction of creative international strategies for the development of forms of financial management of business entities. The creativity of behavioural finance in the article is based on the fact that the behaviour of the main shareholder turns out to Researched the break-even activity processes of enterprises.

A dynamic neural network model for predicting risk of Zika in real time

Results showed that for certain types of activities there is no single traditional break-even point, there is a whole range of production volumes, which has the principles of break-even activity. Taking into account these aspects, it is proposed The article is devoted to the improvement of the methodological framework for evaluating the effectiveness of investments in oil and gas production. Particular attention is paid to the formation of cash flows, accounting for the time factor at various stages and stages of the life cycle of long-term The article is devoted to new trends and tasks of managing economic business value by the means of multidimensional innovation accounting model under the terms of integration strategies implementation.

Information and decision support system is the most important part of each enterprise management process.

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The sea commercial port is a difficult business structure, which unites the functions of logistics operator, transport terminal, international gate and classical market agent. Therefore, they decision Online payment gateways and the expediency of their use in small to medium-sized Internet shops in Ukraine Yuliya Peretiatko, Tetiana Klymenko, Alexander Sidorenko.

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A very important aspect of a functional Internet store is the process of accepting payment for goods or services from customers. Payment methods can be classified online and offline. Major international and local Ukrainian payment gateways and their fees and features were analyzed. As a result threshold The article contains the arguments of the role of investment resource as a key factor of structural modernization of economy of country. The conception of realization of investment resource of structural modernization of economy is offered and described its basic constituents.

The necessity of creation The Index of innovative development of the Ukrainian Economy for is calculated on the basis of the additive model, the principal components method and the sliding matrix, as novelty.

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The tendency of its decrease and the problem of commercialization results of scientific and technical activity Approaches to functioning of fiscal policies in countries with developed and transformational economics are generalised and systematised with the view to enhance the efficiency of structural reforms of the financial system and to reduce the impact of fiscal imbalances on economic processes. Proved is Financial potential is an important part of enterprise activities.

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It is presented by particular stages, where each stage is related to a certain task. The paper deals with the study of international flows of goods and services, modeling of the structure of trade relations between countries. The rapid development of international economic relations and the formation of various integration associations encourage the identification of structural links The questions of set-up simulation experiments on models of complex economic systems are considered. The main modern trends of the pharmaceutical industry are identified based on review of existing research in the field of experiments planning.