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Abraham Lincoln's 1860 Cooper Union Address

The CET is what distinguishes a customs union froma free trade area. In a free trade area, trade among the member states flows tariff free, but themember statesmaintain their own distinct external tariff with respect to imports fromthe rest of the world. Canada, the United States, and Mexico do not share a common external tariff, despite allowing free trade on products traded among the three countries. Source Publication:.

Industrial Revolution

World Economy Encyclopedia, , Customs unions. Available at: see website. Cross References:. Common market Economic union Free trade area Regional trading arrangement. Statistical Theme: International trade statistics. Created on Thursday, December 6, Last updated on Monday, April 22, Two weeks annual leave is introduced. Child care centres are closed. Aboriginal workers on stations in the Pilbara, Western Australia, go on strike for better wages and conditions; the strike lasts until Queensland meat dispute - following a campaign organised by the ACTU.

Prime Minister Chifley restores penal provisions. Penal powers over unions give "teeth to the Act", allowing heavy fines and jail sentences to be applied to unions, officials and members who participate in industrial action.

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Aborigines thereafter are to be included in the census. The right of women workers to 12 months unpaid maternity leave is achieved. Unions became involved in tripartite processes and significant changes were made to industrial relations legislation.

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Maternity leave, occupational superannuation, then later, family leave became award entitlements. Structural problems in the economy were addressed by unions through award restructuring. A policy of strategic unionism was adopted which saw the amalgamation of some unions into 20 "super" unions. Enterprise bargaining became the main avenue for wage increases.

Cost of living adjustments and a centralised system of wage fixation are introduced. Union membership 3,, The ACTU's test case on adoption leave is successful.

State of the Unions | The New Yorker

The two tiered wage system is introduced. Unions begin a drive for industry and award restructuring. Structural Efficiency Principle is introduced. Union amalgamation accelerates. ACTU supports the process of reconciliation with Australia's indigenous people.

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  • First Organising Works Program begins to train new organisers. Unions work adopted by ACTU as blueprint for renewal and rebuilding of the union movement. The union scorecard:. Unions in the construction industry begin securing 36 hour week for members. On November 15, more than half-a-million Australians, many linked by a Sky Channel broadcast, gathered in capital cities and towns in a national day of protest.

    Rudd Labor Government elected as a result of massive public backlash against WorkChoices.