Power in the Blood: Claiming Your Spiritual Inheritance

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And do you know who received the inheritance they left behind? They gave it to Jesus by donating it to the work of the Lord. No doubt, many of us have inherited things in our lifetimes.

An inheritance is something that we do not earn and probably do not deserve; it is simply passed down to us as a gift. It is a blessing, even when it is an earthly or temporal inheritance. However, there are problems with an earthly inheritance. One is that it can run out. It is also a finite amount, usually divided among a number of individuals. Heaven will never run out of space and it will never fade—it is incorruptible! It is one-hundred-percent secure. Nothing in this world is secure, but that which comes down from Heaven is secure beyond any threat because Jesus has paid for it with His own shed Blood.

We could never have done it for ourselves, but He took the necessary actions to secure our reservation in Heaven. It is a real inheritance awaiting us someday. What a thrill that is to know! Think of a place on earth that you would love to visit. We will not enjoy any benefit from a reservation if we do not show up and claim it. Likewise, our reservation in Heaven requires action on our part.

Jesus came to this world to make a way of salvation for all mankind, but there is something we must do to receive it—we have to wholeheartedly embrace His offer of salvation, falling down before God and repenting of our sins. We do not deserve the inheritance God has reserved for us; it is a free gift.

Yet, we still must claim it before it can be ours, and we do that by obeying what God has commanded us to do. It is possible to waste an inheritance. In Luke 15 we find an example of this in the familiar story of the Prodigal Son. He was a young man who had a great inheritance coming to him. We understand that in his day and culture, a son could ask for his inheritance even before his father had passed away, and that is what the Prodigal Son did. As long as his money lasted, he had lots of friends. He was probably considered a popular person among his friends, and he did everything that many young people wish they could do.

But, he wasted his inheritance and eventually he had nothing. No family, no friends, no parties, and nothing even to eat. This parable is relevant today because the deception experienced by the Prodigal Son is still happening to people. The same deceiver who was lying to young people in Bible times continues waging war today, and he wants us to waste our spiritual inheritance.

Chapter 6 – Possessing the Inheritance

Instead, we can ensure we will receive what God has prepared for us by obeying His commands. We must take the teachings in His Word and claim them for ourselves, applying them to our lives.

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When we hear the preacher preaching, we should not think, Wow, that fits perfectly for somebody I know. No, that is not how the Gospel works. Everything in the Word of God fits us! It fits me and it fits you. In order to be sure that we are on our way to our eternal inheritance, we have to apply Scripture to our lives. This starts with salvation—repenting of our sins and placing our faith in Christ as our Savior.

Despite how it may seem, the pleasures of the world do not last long. You have been deceived by the enemy of your soul. Believe me; I went as low as the hog pen when I tried to find it. The internet addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers in this book are ac- curate at the time of publication.

They are provided as a resource. Baker Publishing Group does not endorse them or vouch for their content or permanence. His sacrifice at the Cross has provided an eternal reward and a divine inheritance.

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We Need to See! In this book, you will learn how to discover the hindrances that keep you from possessing your full in- heritance in Christ Jesus. The truths and principles presented will empower you to leave your wilderness, cross over your Jordan and enter into your promised land of blessing and prophetic fulfillment. I can assure you that the truths presented here were not just gleaned from reading a book.


They are truths that have been proven by living and practicing them in her daily life and ministry. Sandie keeps the flow of her book interesting by presenting many visions and personal experiences.

As you read, you will gain insight concerning how to fulfill the scriptural command to go from glory to glory until you are conformed to the image of Christ and fulfill your ministry destiny. This book will give you great enlightenment and encour- agement, as it will to Christians around the world. This means that we have throne room rights and authority.

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God bless you, Sandie, for taking the time and effort to put these truths into a book. Because of it, many Christians will be blessed and move forward in their journey of fulfilling their calling and ministry in Christ Jesus. Issachar was the ninth son of Jacob and the fifth by his wife Leah.

Today we believers are being rewarded with an Issachar anointing. As sons of Issachar, we have the very same ability to understand the times in which we live and to know what to do! And, along with that truth, is the present-day revelation of knowing that each of us has a spiritual inheritance to claim and possess. Our inheritance is given those who have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are sons and daughters in God and, therefore, have an inheritance. Of course I am referring to the King of kings and His Kingdom.

You are going to be filled with hope and joy as you read what God has in store for each of us who are believers in Christ. It is very important to understand the connection between the title of this book and its subtitle.

My Spiritual Inheritance: Walking in Your Destiny

If you grasp this now and keep it in the front of your mind as you move from chapter to chapter, you will receive greater revelation. This is rich with meaning. Pairing the shed blood of Jesus, the King of kings, with our subsequent inheritance gives the basis for our royal lineage.

Many of us today are researching our family trees and tracing our lineages through bloodlines. Finding who we are based on whose blood we have flowing in our earthly veins is important, right? Just think how much more important it is for us to have access to the power of the blood of Jesus and understand how that blood empowers us today to claim our full inheritance.

Inheritance can only be claimed by proving legal blood relationship or heirship. You have chosen the perfect study if you desire to claim your inheritance through Christ Jesus. You will learn that the two concepts of power in His blood and claiming your inheritance tie together perfectly. Jones in Introduction 13 Would you be free from the burden of sin? Would you be free from your passion and pride? Again, this is all part of our royal inheritance. The key ingredient here is the blood.

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There is a thief who is always ready to steal, kill and destroy see John We need fresh strategies in this season to ensure that we respond properly to the directions the Lord gives concerning victory in our spiritual battles. Keep in mind as you read this book that Satan and his many cohorts, which we will discuss along the way will at- tempt to abort your destiny and steal your royal inheritance. We will stop periodically and examine our hearts, take time for repentance and receive a fresh empowerment from the Lord to continue advancing.

Precious one, I desire that you walk in complete victory. I want you to receive your royal inheritance and walk in power. What do I mean by strategies?