Obras de Baltasar del Alcázar (Spanish Edition)

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En el centro de un ojo me descubro;. Se disipa el instante. Sin moverme,. The magical quality of the light enchants the poet and causes him to stop the clocks, to hit the pause button on the passage of time, to just step into the moment and stay there. He is conscious of the paradox of tangibility and intangibility of the objects around him, the simultaneous existence of movement and stillness, and the heightened awareness of his own heart beating while all around is as if in suspended animation.

At the end of the poem, what happens next remains unresolved, the moment seems to fade away, but the poet is now completely captivated by the pause in time.


Like the ambiguity at the beginning of the poem between day and evening, now it is the poet who remains frozen in time, in the moment. All else is suspended. The Poetry Dude. I find this is indeed a worthy addition to the collection. Here the poem is an expression of rebellion against the power of love which has deprived the poet of his free will, his independence of action and his freedom.

In love, yes, but trapped… The poem is the lament of a prisoner in a gilded cage. No me conformo, no: ya es tanto y tanto idolatrar la imagen de tu beso y perseguir el curso de tu aroma. This love is strong indeed, but the paradox is that it is involuntary and thus a source of suffering.

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The poet does not agree; and cries enough of worshipping her kisses and pursuing her accursed scent. In the final three lines the poet compares himself to someone buried alive, to a force of revolution contained in a shell, and a ray of light shut in a jar like a genie in a bottle. Many lovers are blindsided to this, or choose to ignore it.

The strength of this poem is to bring the limitations of being in love into the open. Its not all wine and roses…. This is a beautiful poem from Gongora telling of an inconsolable girl, crying because her lover has left and gone away.

It looks a bit like a folk ballad, but there is a lot of poetic art which has gone into making it seem so simple and flowing. An all round lovely poem. There is no hope, no prospect of improvement or progress, but you have to keep going, put one foot in front of the other and live one day after the next. Born and educated in the Canary Islands, Perez Galdos studied law briefly and spent most of his adult life in Madrid. His study of lower-class Spanish life and his attempts to improve it led him to the advocacy of more equal distribution of wealth and outspoken opposition to the Catholic church.

While always popular with the people, he fared less well in literary circles. In he sought admission to the Royal Academy, an honor he was refused until , and the Nobel Prize went to a contemporary, Jose Echegaray, a writer of considerably less talent.


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Galdos died poor and blind. Although the government refused him a state funeral, the entire Spanish nation mourned him.

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