How To Blow His Mind In Bed

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The agony of watching her masturbate while I was inside her nearly killed me, but as soon as she finished, I had the most powerful orgasm ever. She grips tighter for deeper penetration and gently rubs to slow things down.

How To Blow His Mind In Bed by Siski Green | Hachette UK

The fact that the only parts of our bodies that touched were our naughty bits made it feel forbidden. It's like she needs percent of my penis, and all of my attention, with no interruptions allowed.

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We ended up discovering new positions along the way! Then she straddled me and moved forward and backward. As she inhaled, the suction pulled my nipple and blasted it with heat. As she exhaled, the cool air pushed it down.

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It's one of my favourite foreplay tricks. For me and for her! Even better, use the heels of your feet to nudge his butt. In fact, you could guide him by changing the speed and strength of your thrusts. The angle lets him go deeper and makes you feel tighter. Also, don't feel shy to spank him once in a while!

Sex tips from men - to blow his mind...and yours

So do it doggie-style more. Or straddle him with your back facing him and then bend forward, that's it, he's in heaven! The skin there is extrathin and sensitive. Tell him that, at some point, you're going to bend over and expect him to take you. The blood rush he'll get will amp up his orgasm. Apply pressure through your palms and finger tips.

The heat boosts blood flow to the area and thus adds to his excitement. Saved Their Relationship.

Tip: Dig your finger nails into his back or scratch him lightly to pull him closer. This is sure to get him revved up. Adding this touch of seductiveness to your lingerie will make your legs look longer, slimmer and so model-esque. Only thing he needs to figure out now is how to get them off you Your endorphins will be rocketing! Act innocent, but be playful - once he catches on, the rest will be sexstory!

Talk about how much you want him over dinner and tell him about all the things you wish you could do to him right then and there. Spontaneity is key here ladies.

Yep, that's right. THAT red, sweaty, scrunched up face?

Woman Asks... How Do I Blow His Mind In Bed?

Relax and pretend like no one's around. What other sex tips do you have? Tweet us sofeminineUK!

How To Have Great Sex!