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If every meal became a worship service, you would be attending about twenty-one worship services a week! Start eating with others more often. Eat with those who love Jesus and encourage and remind each other with the truths of Jesus at the table. Another example: view your job and vocation as a place for ministry to happen. You spend about one third of your life working. Why not work with all of your heart unto Jesus as your ultimate boss? Worship him through your work.

Yet another example: engage in sports and recreation as ministry. In short, start viewing life as the program and every moment as an event Jesus wants to work through. And honor the leaders he has placed over you. The tendency when learning something new is to be critical of others. Remain humble and thank God regularly for the leaders he has given you.

Pray for them. This is regular and irregular, scheduled and unscheduled. Each week our Gospel Communities meet together on an evening during the week, typically other than Sunday. All GCs typically work through the same thing — namely, the passage that was preached the prior Weekend Gathering or an intentional group study.

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Our purpose is to be a people shaped by the Good News, not simply sharing good advice. In this, we learn to grow in our knowledge of the gospel, our understanding of the gospel, and our application of the gospel to our lives. In addition to living in community, we also purpose to live out our missionary identities as God's sent people together. Free download.

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. How to Overcome Fear in Sharing the Gospel. Sharing the gospel in daily conversations with believers and unbelievers can be a frightening task. In this video, Jeff Vanderstelt authentically shares how he overcomes his fears.

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  4. While we might often drop little nuggets about the gospel into conversation, there is a big difference between talking about the gospel and speaking the truths about Jesus into the issues, wounds, and unbelief in regular conversations What is gospel fluency and why is it key to growing up into Christlikeness and accomplishing his mission? Saturate Field Guide Video Series. We are the body of Christ. Imagine a day when every man, woman, and child would have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. Jeff Vanderstelt explains the three best ways to promote gospel fluency in your church: preaching the gospel, encouraging your church to see themselves as minsters of the gospel As Christians, we regularly settle on simply being nice to our neighbors, rather than being bold gospel proclaimers.

    We must offer the good news of Jesus, not simply be nice people who try hard.

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    How do you develop the ability to speak the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life? In this video, Jeff Vanderstelt articulates three methods to develop this skill Every person lives in a daily battle. This battle wages lies and confusion against us. In the gospel, Jesus has won this war. In this video, Jeff Vanderstelt encourages Christians in this truth.

    Why do you think so many Christians struggle with “personal evangelism”?

    Why it Matters that Jesus is Better than Everything. While we might regularly use His name in times of struggle, do we truly grasp how much better Jesus is than anything else in this life?

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    Jesus fulfills every longing of our hearts Too often as parents we use the consequences of sin to keep our kids from sinning, but unfortunately that usually only leads them to sin more. Instead, Jeff Vanderstelt explains, we need to teach our children the gospel Story of God Video Training Series.

    A 5-part video series about how story shapes humanity. Story is the fabric of relationships, learning, and community. How to Lead the Story of God. Why We Share the Story of God. We Are Story Formed People. Story shapes humanity. Story is the fabric of relationships, learning, and community Brad Watson shares the story of a young woman who engaged the Story of God in his community The Power of Story.

    Jared Brient shares what inspires him to create and contribute to stories in the entertainment industry and how God uses story to shape our world and proclaim truth.

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    Bringing Good News Answers. Becoming fluent in the gospel happens the same way—after believing it, we have to intentionally rehearse it to ourselves and to others and immerse ourselves in its truths Gospel Fluency Speaking the Truths of Jesus. Even if they want to, many Christians find it hard to talk to others about Jesus. Conversation with Jackie Hill Perry. What is missing in the Church today? The Story-Formed Way. Chris Gonzalez of Missio Dei Communities explains the power of sharing the biblical story in community We are Servants.

    Video 9 in the series. A week training on gospel, community, and mission, designed to lay the foundations of life in Christ, life in community, and life on mission. We are Missionaries.

    Video 8 in the series. We are Family.