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Dog trainers love this trick because it utilizes a fantastic positive training technique which is targeting with positive reinforcement. Open the Door. A trick that teaches your dog to open a door, some dogs may need a little help with this due to size and handle type, a dog that can open a door on command will impress everyone in the room. Fetch the TV Remote. A trick that can be used every day, teach your dog to fetch the TV remote and you will never lose it again. Prepare for a soggy remote if you have a particularly slobbery dog.

Dog trainers love this trick because it can be utilized in many ways in order to train a dog to retrieve almost anything. Pick up keys. A fantastic trick taught to service dogs that live with disabled and older people. Your dog will see that you have dropped your keys and pick them up from the ground to pass back to you. For this trick it may help that you have a cute or plush key ring, even some knotted material on your key fob will help your dog to lift and carry your keys.

101 Dog Tricks : Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

This trick does not necessarily need a command word for it calls to the initiative of your dog. Dog trainers love this trick because it is teaching a dog to use his initiative when he sees your keys drop to the ground. Find Keys. An extension of the previously taught trick of picking up dropped keys, the find keys trick is most useful if keys are dropped out walking or lost in the home.

Dog trainers love this trick because it is one of the most useful things a dog can do and is also really easy to teach. Fetch the newspaper. A great and most useful trick, your dog could easily learn that bringing you the newspaper is one of his daily tasks. Dog trainers love this trick because it is a great way to teach a positive response to the mailman. Differentiate between items. There is no command to this trick because each item will have its own command word. However if you have a bone, bear and ball and would like your dog to recognize each by name then this is the trick for you.

Dog trainers love this trick because it appears truly skillful to train a dog to pick out one particular item by name when faced with many. Wake up.

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This is a truly heartwarming trick used by dog trainers when teaching a dog to respond to the alarm clock and wake a deaf person in a morning. You can teach your dog to do this too although it will take time and patience it is great fun and very rewarding. Pass a note. This is a fun trick for all of the family. Writing a note and passing it to the dog to take to someone in another room is great. Dog trainers love this trick because it can be easily modified and a dog can be a useful addition to a busy household by enhancing communication in a fun way.

Fetch a drink. Surprisingly easy to teach tricks that also ensure your dog helps around the house as much as possible. Wipe your paws.

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  8. Great for cleaning off muddy paws after a walk, you can teach your dog to wipe his paws on a mat at the front door before entering the house. Dog trainers love this trick because it utilizes the natural behavior of a dog and is helpful after long muddy walks, perfect for multi dog homes. A dog that shakes on command is both useful and fun to watch. This is a natural behavior for a dog with a wet coat so not difficult to reinforce but looks great when performed by a dry dog.

    You can utilize this trick after a wet walk to keep water out of the house. Put your toys away. Teaching your dog to put his toys away is very rewarding. Watching him gather everything into a box when asked is impressive and will make you proud. Dog trainers love this trick because it really makes the dog think about the goal to get his reward. Fetch the phone. Take off your socks. Unzip your jacket. Fantastic fun, a dog that helps you off with your coat as you walk into a room is a really impressive trick.

    Dog trainers love this trick because it encourages focus from the dog on greeting therefore prevents over excitement. Laundry basket. Fantastic and useful, teach your dog to put the laundry into the basket and he will certainly be earning his biscuits. This trick is similar to putting his toys away and a great addition to removing your socks or jacket. Close the curtains.

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    Tricks that teach your dog to be agile which are also really impressive to watch. This is fun! Teaching your dog to jump over hurdles is addictive, a big part of competitive agility training hurdles will both use up your dogs energy and encourage him to focus on you. The dog that will bounce spritely in the air again and again looks amazing.

    Jumping on the spot is a trick that could easily make your dog look like he is on springs. A great and fun act to watch and encourage. Hop it. This trick is really impressive and can be used as a standalone trick or part of a routine. You will need your target stick for this as you are going to hold it for your dog to jump over. Dog trainers love this trick because it is so neat and versatile. It is also often utilized in heelwork to music and enhanced obedience routines.

    Sneaky is a trick that is quite simple but can look great in many situations. Being sneaky is just asking your dog to go underneath something. For this trick we will teach him to crawl underneath a low hurdle but when your dog knows the command you can apply it to going under anything. Dog trainers love this trick because it can be utilized in so many ways, when your dog knows the command, sneaky, you can direct him under any obstacle.

    5 Super Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

    Weave poles. Weave poles can be taught quickly and easily by luring a dog through them with either a treat or target stick. Used as part of competitive agility a dog flying with speed and agility through a set of poles is an impressive act. Dog trainers love this trick, particularly in competitive agility sessions as the dogs thoroughly enjoy the weave.

    Through the hole. Fantastic and fun this trick is one of the most impressive agility acts to teach. Whilst you stand side on to your pet and create a loop with your arms the dog jumps directly through the loop, No one can fail to be impressed! Dog trainers love this trick because it is the ultimate in team work and also looks brilliant to spectators.

    7 Dog Tricks in 5 Minutes!

    Jump into your arms. A dog that will trust enough to jump directly into his handlers arms is a happy dog. This trick will consist of your dog jumping up into your waiting arms whilst you catch him. This is a nice stand-alone trick or good as part of a longer routine. This trick consists of the dog jumping through a hoop held at any height or angle. The hoop can be suspended in the air or held by the handler. The moving hoop.

    An extension of jumping through a hoop this trick requires some skill mainly on the part of the trainer. You will pass the hoop from your left to right and because your dog knows the command he will jump through it both times.

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    Dog trainers love this trick because it is the ultimate teamwork and quite a good workout on the arms for the trainer too. Leap me. Your dog will jump over the back of a person on their hands and knees when performing this trick. When the command is learned it can be extended in order for your dog to jump over you. This is a great trick to add into any routine. Dog trainers love this trick because it improves stamina in a dog and trust between dog and trainer.

    Dogs are employed throughout the world to do many jobs.