Design Thinking: Inovação em negócios (Portuguese Edition)

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Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Neste livro o autor resgata valores importantes e originais do design e os aplica num processo chamado Minimum Valuable Service MVS que ele mesmo criou e usa em suas empresas. This is a very good book about how to integrate Design Thinking and Lean Startup in the service eraI.

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The only problem for me about it is Part One. It's too long and basically is focusing on showing why Lean Startup alone will not be able to help so much. Part Two is really the nice part where we can see the process, tools and concepts on how to apply the MVS model. A great and provocative view on service design.

Design Thinking: O que é e suas 5 etapas fundamentais

The book makes the case for creating Minimal Valuable Services MVSs over Minimal Viable Products MVPs , and how thinking in terms of service offerings, over traditional "make and sell" business models, is a better strategy for a startup. Additionally, the book provides a model, tools and templates for doing service design sprints, the precursor to building and going to market. Humanize and then Crystalize. He spent most of the time defining service design and discussing the history of service design, then explaining how not to do service design, and how it's similar but different from other approaches Plus, it was pretty academic dry in tone.

Not wrong, just not useful or engaging. Nice book to add some design techniques to the Lean Startup approach. Sometimes it has a very naive understanding that's on purpose, I believe of the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.


In the end of the day, it's and OK reading. The underlying message of this book is that the lean startup process literally applied can be too scientific and lack empathy for the customer. Pinheiro then offers a bunch of techniques for generating that empathy. There are also some useful frameworks for use in service design, of which my favourite is thinking about the customer journey in three phases: Learn, Use, Remember. Would have been five stars were it more accessible.

A solid foundation for design driven business cultures Presents a solid foundation for design thinking in the business space. Somehow felt inspired after reading.

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Does a great job of presenting theory and practical insights as well! Although obvious sometimes, Tenny's book has a lot great insights about human and service oriented design. It's an easy and pleasure reading. Good book. Harold rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Sintia Lisboa rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Pedro Leiva rated it liked it Dec 24, Daniel Jackson rated it liked it Jul 12, Sergio rated it liked it Feb 12, Rogier Kien rated it it was amazing Feb 09, Jose Oseas Ramirez rated it it was ok Dec 27, David De lira rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Brucy rated it really liked it May 12, Elizabeth Ryan rated it liked it Oct 23, Petras Janulevicius rated it really liked it Mar 05, Edgar Correa rated it it was amazing May 28, Victor Melo rated it really liked it Apr 21, Vasco Nicolau rated it it was ok Jun 30, Fredrik Johansson rated it liked it Feb 27, The results show that design management is closely related to the principles of ABSTRACT: This article aims to highlight one more complementary analysis to the universe of Design, taking as a starting point a cross-methodology of the concept reuse.

Our daily surroundings in Design and in daily life forces us to reflect on why new. Not only in preserving iconic, but also the creative stimulus that is reused as the emerging concept of a consumer society exhausted. ABSTRACT: Based on the view of Design as interdisciplinary praxis area, in this essay we build an investigation on the role of the designer as a cultural values producer.

This paper brings the problem related to the production of new meanings by the coordination of skills capable of planning new objects by the uses of new media for traditional languages or by the project of new uses for old media, combining global and local influences, transforming cultural fabric through his work process.

ABSTRACT: Founded in the information society context, within the communication sciences the DirCom - Communications Director - transcends the design manager and constitutes himself has the necessary interface for corporations that seek a design culture in a multidisciplinary process and innovative endowed with a sense of strategy and sustainable. ABSTRACT: The creativity is a quality that has been revalued, especially in the training of work teams work, but still shows up as a point of tension in the design field.

While it is understood as a fundamental element for the design process, creativity is still mystified by most designers as something indecipherable and unattainable. This article makes a connection between the Jungian concept of creativity and design process, highlighting some tools and techniques on creativity, which may contribute to the activity designer.

Issues are addressed as the history of Christian Dior brand, brand identity and its expressions and also the participation of Graphic Design in the actions of luxury branding. To be performed is necessary to present a brief history of the brand identity and the importance of the communication process.

Concludes by trying to demonstrate the participation of Graphic Design in brand Christian Dior. ABSTRACT: This paper aims to analyse the birth and evolution of design with concerns over sustainability, in the context of social and civilizational changes experienced since the industrial revolution, with particular focus since the post-war period and in the context of sustainable development.

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It will examine several factors that influenced this design approach and that drove its evolution through different stages of maturity and complexity. It will analyse the various forms of design with environmental concerns, as well as the inclusion of other criteria in the context of sustainability, ABSTRACT: This study aims to contribute to the comprehension of design thinking that becomes increasingly important in the design field as well as in areas beyond the design.

We intend to emphasize the importance of adopting design thinking as a way to benefit and improve the creative processes within organizations. The article is divided into four parts: the complexity of human experience, the weight of the added value of design thinking, the five key phases of the design thinking process proposed by Stanford University and finally, the relevance of the collaborative movement. In this ABSTRACT: Communication Design has been widening its intervention scope, being currently recognized as the added value used by the project practice in cultural mediation.

Intangible heritage frames an open space to design intervention. This concept is grounded in the fact that an adequate communication is paramount to the preservation of this heritage so that it stays alive and in dialogue with the citizen and the communities to which belongs. The present article arises from an investigation presently being done within the scope of a Doctoral in Design and in which it is defended the ABSTRACT: Our cities are changing due to some important urban events: population growth, climate changes and lack of energy resources are transforming the urban lifestyle and the shape of the cities.

It is necessary to modify some prejudices and get a new way of planning, building and living urban space; this process is called Smart City.

Design thinking experience

To realize a Smart City, a new vision of urban processes and phenomena is needed: urbanists and designers must work together to visualize scenarios of the new future cities, keeping in mind the new possibilities of technology. These visions must be created to ABSTRACT: The project of this thesis proceeds from the study of the relationship between the town, the people, and the design and translates into a proposal for the renovation of the Museum of the Town of Lisbon.

It was performed in cooperation with the Museum and with the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon born from an erasmus experience. A proposal is presented to ABSTRACT: Our research was influenced by the context of the economic and financial crisis that, on a global scale, has resulted in the expansion of public spending which in turn negatively affected the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone. Portugal did not escape the wasteful and unproductive expenditure and went into a state of recession by aggravation of prior structural problems, which in the present determines the various aspects of our lives.

Inspired by the urgency in overcoming difficulties detaches people from their comfort zone and since designers are intrinsically optimistic, they ABSTRACT: This paper draws mainly on the work of Elizabeth Sanders who has being practising, thinking and mapping participatory design research for over 25 years, connecting it to insights from Maturana , Capra , Jovchelovitch , , and Preece , to propose that the process of design per se is a relational domain of co-creativity that is essential to construct a way toward deeper sustainability.

In it are also indicated the general possibilities of technology in the management of processes and products of design. We performed a literature review on the topic under study and, based on the concepts studied and other theoretical arguments, developed this reflection on the possibilities of interaction and cooperation between technology, The brands involved in this sector of the economy are developing a proposal that goes beyond providing quality products, high performance and authenticity, implies the harmony between brand value and life of the potential customer.

Innovation is one of those. This paper establishes a parallel between innovation and trends, to then focus on the main goal that is to relationate the trend forecasting as the strategic principle to generate innovation. An observatory of trends captation that intends to integrate professionals, institutions, companies and associations in the consumers