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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In Stock. Erotic Stories For Punjabi Widows.

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The Mister. Beneath This Man This Man. Motorcycle Man Dream Man. This Man Confessed This Man. I decided to dial it way back and use today's extra hour for some slow and low cooking. These ribs have been on my shortlist of recipes to try since our wonderful friends Eddie and David made them for us about a month ago. Eddie and David are both phenomenal cooks so I didn't have ambitions that mine would match theirs. But, whoa. I surprised myself this time. These guys are crispy, melty, and do that whole fall-off-the-bone thing really well. And it's spooky how easy they are.

Active cooking time is less than twenty minutes.

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Happy November! Back in August I had the awesome pleasure of spending a weekend in Vermont with my friend Marisa Mauro to profile her butter business, Ploughgate Creamery , for t. New England. I shared a few of the juicy details in an earlier post here. As soon as I learned of t. If you enjoy the finer things in life, particularly in the morning with your toast, I highly recommend seeking out Marisa's cultured butter.

Read on below for an excerpt and click through to t.

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  6. New England for the full article. There is a farm in Fayston, Vermont whose vistas have been featured in many a postcard. This is Bragg Farm where Marisa Mauro makes small-batch, cultured butter. Until recently Marisa had no idea that she is reviving a hundred-year old tradition on these grounds. When I first met Marisa she had already started and lost her first successful small business. For three years she produced award-winning cheeses until a fire in September destroyed her facility.

    She was 26 years old. Continue reading at t.

    Here's a salad to straddle seasons. Or a salad for those times when you go to the farmer's market and grab armfuls of everything that looks pretty without a thought of how it'll all play together. I adore fall. Who doesn't in New England? It's pretty great. Note to faraway friends: come visit! I thought about adding some farro or quinoa or something else hearty to this salad to make it a more 'complete meal'.

    But then I got lazy. Probably because it's still summer. After September 23rd though that would be encouraged. Sea Food , Snacks. Oh, summer! Where'd you saunter off to? I blinked and now the sun sets at 7 o'clock. I'll quit my belly aching though because we've got one weekend left. Three juicy days to be precise. Where's everyone headed? I hope your plans involve beach houses and camp fires and coconut sunscreen. To bid adieu to summer I figured we must throw a party. A party with dip. But's let's be honest, this is pretty much dip.

    It involves a brick of cream cheese for goodness sake! And where there is dip, must follow crackers.

    Coming Together

    A couple weeks back I suppose you could say I was dissing crackers. To redeem myself I decided to make a homemade batch just the way I like them - crispy, seedy, salty, and a tad sweet. If you're not off to the beach or the woods this weekend and up for a medium-effort project to tackle, this is a fun one. You know that daydream where you live on a farm nestled in a mountain valley? It's the one where you have a sprawling garden full of vegetables for eating and flowers for bouquets.

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    You make butter from fresh cream to sell to your neighbors but also to spread on toast. You have an outdoor bathtub for sunset soaks and a cat to keep you company. Last weekend I stepped out of the daydream and onto Marisa Mauro's farm in Vermont. If it weren't for the fridge full of butter I came home with, I might not have known the difference. You're probably guessing that all these gorgeous tomatoes came from Marisa's garden.

    We did pick tomatoes but those ended up in our bellies before I could take any snaps. Check out the upcoming issue of t. New England for all the details of Marisa's enviable Vermont farm life. When Sunday arrived and it was time to go back to the dusty, cramped city I took home with me as much of Vermont as possible. I have long wanted to try roasting tomatoes with maple. I now regret not trying it sooner. If you can stand turning on your oven in August you won't either. Serve sauce as is or add something briny like olives or capers to balance the sweetness.

    Cheese and rules do not pair well together. Cheese is cheerful; rules are a drag. There are countless ways to build a bliss-inducing cheese plate. Find a soft-ripened cheese amenable to serving with a spoon.

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    Pictured here is one of my all-time favorites, Harbison from Jasper Hill Farm. In fact sometimes I find them downright disruptive. Bonus: axe the crackers and you can tell your gluten-free friends you've designed a cheese plate just for them. Here I decided to highlight three cheeses from New England because they're pretty much crushing it right now.

    I sure think it is.