Chinas Rise to Power: Conceptions of State Governance

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In terms of power transition, China has seen an evident rise in economic and military power, but such a rise has not changed the power relationship between China and Western countries, especially between China and the US.

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All these factors have formed an evident contrast with foreign policies conducted by the US over many years, including humanitarian intervention, development assistance with additional conditions regarding human rights and good governance, as well as aggressive diplomacy including alliance strengthening and regime change.

In addition, in the views of international society, and especially those of emerging economies and developing countries, the Chinese development model has significant differences from the Washington Consensus model that is consistently promoted by the US, representing two alternative types of development route.

Different from the Western strategy of showing off their hard power, China has paid great attention to adopting strategic planning that focuses on enhancing its soft power while developing its hard power, taking a series of new measures in fields including ideology, external publicity and public diplomacy, and bringing forward a whole new set of discursive systems which are largely different from previous systems.

The Rules for Rulers

The discursive system brought forward by China did not comply fully with the Western system, and instead raised a new system in comparison with the Western model. It is evident that China does not acknowledge the Western concept of universal values, but instead seeks a Chinese discourse based on long history and great legacy of civilization.

This slogan indicates that China will not only be great power in material capabilities but be great in discursive power as well.

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    The Road to Digital Unfreedom: President Xi’s Surveillance State

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    Center for Strategic & International Studies

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