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This is the first that worked! Title : Francais Litterature Rating :. Download Read Online. Francais Litterature Reviews 35 Comments Add a comment. It turns out that I actually enjoy cooking and baking. Who knew? With nothing but free time on my hands now except for my volunteer activities , I can kick back, put my hair up and tie one on.

An apron, that is. Shelley Civkin , aka the Accidental Balabusta, is a happily retired librarian and communications officer. For 17 years, she wrote a weekly book review column for the Richmond Review , and currently writes a bi-weekly column about retirement for the Richmond News. At risk of universalizing a book with a particular theme, The Aging of Aquarius: Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder is valuable not just for those who are retired or pondering it — though it has plenty of age-specific content for that demographic.

At root, it is a book about living well, and that makes it a valuable volume for people of any age. Author Helen Wilkes, a Vancouverite and member of the Or Shalom community, has penned an optimistic, uplifting book. But let that not deceive the reader, she warns early on, into misjudging who she is. She talks about being born to Jewish shopkeepers in a village in the Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia that was among the first places occupied by the Nazis in advance of the Second World War.

Her childhood was lonely and her parents uncommunicative.

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Her marriage ended when her daughters were 3 and 4 years old. This is not a handbook on aging so much as an illustration by example of how to do it right. She does acknowledge, though, that a person has to make the effort to age well. Each section of her book ends with ideas and actions that might help on the path to success. Finding joy in the simple things — again, good advice for people of any age — is one of her key findings.

The small moments that sometimes overwhelm me with heart-stopping joy. An incredible blue-sky day. The first sip of my morning coffee. The laughter of family and friends. Whenever I am walking in the woods with a boisterous dog, whenever I sit on a log at the beach while the sun dips slowly below the horizon and paints the sky with hues no artist could capture, whenever I stroll through a harvest market where farm-fresh produce overwhelms with its rich ripeness, whenever my grandchildren burst through the doorway to give me a hug, or whenever I am engaged in any number of absorbing activities, I so often have an overwhelming sense of not wanting to be anywhere in the world except exactly where I am at this moment.

She talks about an eye-opening trip to China, where she went as a chaperone to her year-old twin grandsons.

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The rapid transit system they used to get everywhere contrasted with what she is familiar with in Vancouver. Wilkes acknowledges that not everyone can travel to foreign countries and says there are ways to experience some of that diversity without getting on a plane. Last week, I was invited for dinner at the home of a Muslim family from Pakistan. They are occasions where it is possible to create a gram of kindness in a world where political and regional and religious differences tend to divide rather than link.

I never fail to feel uplifted by experiencing our common humanity writ large. Germany tells the world that it is only by remembering the past that we have any likelihood of avoiding similar mistakes in the future.

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The reminders are unavoidable. In Berlin, history is omnipresent. Even the sidewalks are studded with Stolpersteine , raised stumbling blocks inscribed with the names of Jews who once lived in the adjacent buildings. She proceeds to ask a litany of questions about what identity means, and even, as a member of a particular culture, what culture means.

And, while she turns to books for answers, the process of asking questions may be an end in itself when addressing the existential issues the book confronts. Among everything else it is, The Aging of Aquarius is also a very Jewish memoir. Both in her personal history and in the theological exploration she discusses near the end of it, her Jewish identity and experiences play central roles in the story. At a book launch at Or Shalom on Nov. But, as difficult as finding answers may be, she suggested responding affirmatively.

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Yes to aging. For more cartoons, visit thedailysnooze. Being at the forefront of the baby boom generation, I was born in Vancouver after my father returned from serving overseas. The opportunity of work on Vancouver Island saw our family move and live in the small communities of Maple Bay and Departure Bay for the next 10 years. I then attended B. Institute of Technology and graduated with a diploma in X-ray technology, followed by a two-year stint as a Cuso volunteer working in small hospitals in the north and south of Nigeria.

Upon returning to Canada, and after a number of years working in Toronto, I moved back to the West Coast. Holiday programming in the community was enhanced by the services of Chabad rabbis from Vancouver.

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When our children became of school age, we began attending Jewish events in Vancouver. A wise rabbi there told us that if we wanted our children to remain Jewish, we had to move to the city, join a synagogue and put our children in Hebrew school. So we did, in , which marked the beginning of our relationship with the Jewish communities of Richmond and Vancouver.

In , I began my first job in the Jewish community, working in Richmond as part-time secretary for Eitz Chaim Synagogue. This was my first experience working in the Jewish religious world and learning the complexities of growing a young congregation.

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Two years later, searching for full-time work, I was hired for a joint position with the Canadian Zionist Federation, Camp Miriam and the World Zionist Organization aliya department at their shared office space at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver. The five years I spent working with these organizations introduced me to the important work of Jewish professionals, dedicated board members and volunteers.

In , I joined Jewish National Fund, following in the footsteps of Maisie Myerthall, who was retiring after 26 years.

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  7. And now, after 19 busy years working with JNF, it was my turn to retire this July. It was a privilege for me to work with six JNF shlichim emissaries over the years, all of whom I admired for their humanity, love of life, energy, drive and determination. And we will travel. So far, Dan and my travel plans revolve around visiting our kids and grandchildren on the east and west coasts of the United States.

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    I have many thanks to send. To my friends at the JCC, some of whom I have known for 25 years — keep up the good work! My sincere appreciation to the staff of communal organizations, synagogues and schools who were so accommodating and helpful to me. My love and thanks to the members of the JNF executive and board for all their support, hard work and devotion to Israel, and for being so enjoyable to work with.

    A thank you to all the leaders who have built a strong, vibrant and exciting community that will go from strength to strength.