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They're more comfortable giving rather than receiving in relationships, which is part of a control issue they adopted during childhood, in response to parental neglect. She'll keep pushing the envelope until she gets a rise out of her partner.

1966: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell met on the set of a Disney movie.

A Borderline needs the qualities in you, that are lacking in herself; honesty, dependability, strength of character, etc. She possesses an uncanny ability for finding men who've built stable, flourishing lifestyles whether married or not , but who have insecurities and self-doubts left over from boyhood. Decades ago, these women were referred to as gold-diggers or home-wreckers. Since she has never felt safe or protected in her world, this male is perceived as her ticket to safety. His grandiose false-self has craved this type of attention his whole life--even though he's never actually felt deserving of it.

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Each perceived disruption of loving attention reactivates her core despair, so she settles for scraps of love that echo her early conditioning. A lover who's more available, loving and responsive, doesn't fit her childhood blueprint, or inspire her passionate response. It's misdirected feelings of disappointment, anger and hurt she's stored for a lifetime--and could never feel safe expressing to Mother. This challenge is lessened of course, by the Borderline's continuous pattern of seduction and retreat.

Codependency and engulfment concerns resulting from this type of dynamic, are then transferred onto all later attachments. There's an automatic reflex that comes into play with a mother-enmeshed man.

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A needy, BPD girl perfectly fits this paradigm--at least at the start of their relationship. Any male who persistently chooses borderline disordered women, has attachment fears that run as deep as those of the females he's courting. He's all too familiar with her acute instability, and frightened that she'll either bring great harm to herself--or to him. The tragic reality is, it's often easier to remain than to leave--but this can spawn risks to his health, his livelihood, his family ties, and all other personal and professional associations.

I've seen instances where a man's only viable option for exiting his relationship with a BPD wife without crucifying himself with guilt, is to die. The ongoing stress in these unions can catalyze serious illnesses, and lead to one's demise years before mortality would normally be anticipated.

The Borderline Waif mother makes certain her son knows that she could not survive without him, and that He is the guardian of both her pleasure and pain. If a male was raised by a Queen or Witch-type Borderline, he'll be drawn to women with similar traits or characteristics, who will re-traumatize him. Men raised by borderline disordered mothers frequently adopt and retain BPD features, due to an inability to trust and forge close, intimate bonds during boyhood.

This has them persistently choosing relationships with women who are poorly equipped to meet their needs for connection and closeness, and turning away from those who are able to offer genuine love and caring. They might fantasize that a female will come along who can magically break down their attachment avoidance--but this fantasy won't be realized, unless they engage focused core trauma help.

Even then, their defenses could remain entrenched and implacable. Narcissistic males generally cannot commit to esteem-building work, until their 'props' have vanished--meaning, they've lost their fortunes and good health, usually throughout involvement with a Borderline, for even a limited time frame. At this point, their defenses are lowered, and we have a chance to construct a Man from a scared, broken little boy. A Borderline's needs were severely neglected in infancy and childhood, which left her with painful self-worth issues.

Their reactions when they saw each other at St. Andrews

Borderline mothers usually detest other females. The Borderline's perfectionism can drive endless plastic surgery procedures, which may begin earlier, rather than later in life. She could also over-invest in body ornamentation like tattoos, piercings, jeweled implants, etc. With each attachment to a new female, her subconscious hope for healing her crippling mother-wound is revived.

The Borderline continuously searches for affection, acceptance and approval, due to extreme deficits in childhood. This reaction is automatic and reflexive and so is her retreat. Does this perpetual no-win cycle ever end? In my view, not without specialized recovery work. The Borderline is terrified of abandonment. You will never change this for them. If you can just stabilize your partner, all will be right in your world.

Core issues that are not resolved, are doomed to keep repeating. Has this article been helpful to you? Paffrath, the coach was pleased to see him. Paffrath, the owner of Paffrath and Son , a Willmar jewelry store. Paffrath would not get the full measure of how huge until early , when Ms. Paffrath said. Push it! Her childhood in Spicer was similar to Mr. Marquardt graduated from Spicer High School in , she also kept playing with a local team. Special Olympics became the cornerstone of her social life.

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By the time she traveled from Spicer to Willmar for the tournament with Mr. Wankerl approached Ms. He practiced his script on his mother. But once he learned Ms. Marquardt was dating her teammate, he pressed pause on the dance invitation. A few months later came the news that Ms.

Marquardt said, which opened the door to Mr. Marquardt accepted.

At the dance, they talked about sports and pets. Marquardt has two cats and two dogs. Wankerl is a longtime Green Bay Packers football fan, and just as he had hoped, he and Ms. Marquardt both loved the Minnesota Twins.

Their reactions when they saw each other at St. Andrews

Afterward, they called and texted each other constantly. Marquardt has lived in Spicer with her parents all her life. He has been living independently since he was 19, at her suggestion. Since early in their relationship, Tuesdays have been date nights. They cook together and watch a movie or a Twins game at Mr. Sometimes, they take walks around the neighborhood or go to concerts in the park.

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Wankerl started thinking about asking Ms. Marquardt to marry him one of their first Tuesday nights.

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In November , he felt ready. Once again, he turned to his mother to practice. She also came with him on a shopping trip to Paffrath and Son Jewelry. Paffrath, who had been given a heads up about the visit, was happy to have one of his favorite players as a customer. Lissy and I never struggled to find common interests and subjects to talk about. She always struck me as intelligent, outgoing and gregarious with a sense of humour and cheekiness.

My friends often encouraged me to meet up with Lissy but I liked having someone to confide in who could offer an objective opinion on things. We have no secrets and are open and honest with one another. By then we had started discussing love and what we were looking for in a partner.

As soon as she agreed to marry me I applied for a passport and booked a ticket to New Zealand. Gina, an advertising account manager, says: AS soon as I started chatting with Darren online I knew he was special. It was an instant connection. He called again a few days later and we talked for ages about life, love, school and our future. Meanwhile, I went out with a succession of arrogant bankers, the type I was attracted to. There were no awkward silences, we just clicked.