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The Professional? Submitted by Norm S. It is also called Leon in some countries.

I believe this is the one you Submitted by Yoori not verified on June 17, - pm. That sounds like the specialist staring jean reno and natilie portman portman is a yount girl living with her family who are criminals, a dirty cop and rival criminals kill her entire family while she is away from the apartment, she comes back and seeing them goes to a neighbor's apartment and pretends it is her, the neighbor reno is a hitman and he teachs her how to be an assassin too.

Leon Submitted by Kelly not verified on July 9, - pm. The movie is also known as Leon The Professional It starred Natalie Portman and Jean Reno. Gary Oldman was also in the film. Leon the professional Submitted by dawn not verified on August 2, - pm.

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Leon the professional. The Professional stars a Submitted by Kim not verified on August 9, - am. The Professional stars a young Natalie Portman, and this sounds like the plot of that movie. The Professional Submitted by santos not verified on August 11, - pm. Help me find this book Submitted by Andrea not verified on August 14, - am.

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I read this book about a girl who was in college. She goes to a party and meets the star baseball player who also happens to be a manwhore. Hey start to like each other at a point in the book she gets attacked on her way home form a baseball game. That sounds like "The Perfect Game" by J. The first book in The Game series. Loved that series. If you haven't read all of them, you should!! Answer Submitted by Jo'Anna not verified on August 24, - am. The movie was The Professional with a young Natlie Portman. Leon: The Professional.

I'm pretty sure this was Submitted by Cindy not verified on January 6, - pm. I'm pretty sure this was called Sentance of Marriage. Vampire book???

I read this book a long time ago, and it was a book that kept me dreaming of it for many years, but I can't remember it's name for the life of me! A girls father owned a hotel or bed and breakfast or something, closes for the winter, a male vampire comes. It was a very vampire-controls-her kind of thing, not like twilight.

I think she ends up tranced into sex as well as walking off a cliff??? That book stuck with me for years, too! Was it Bloodline by Kate Cary? The Well-Beloved by Tomas Hardy, published in , fits your description! Help me find this book Submitted by Natalie not verified on February 9, - am. Someone please help me! One thing I remember is the teenaged girl is doing her laundry at the laundry mat and a machine is shaking violently and it turns out one of the zombie-esque things is inside of it. Forgotten Book Submitted by Ben not verified on May 17, - am. The book you are looking for is called Contaminated.

Help me find this book Submitted by Guest not verified on June 28, - am. I read a book about a girl and some random number calls and asks her to give them one reason why they shouldn't kill themselves I read it at school and it was so interesting sadly I never got to finish reading it.

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I can't remember this book Submitted by Autumn not verified on February 28, - am. I feel in love with this book but I can't remember the name it's about a girl who is taken to a different dimension to pose as the princess who is identical to her she is protected by a boy who is part of the royal secret service the princesses father is unresponsive and spouts random words she figures out what happened to the real princess. Tandem Submitted by Lovely not verified on May 18, - am. It sounds like Tandem Many worlds trilogy by Amanda Dolan.

It's in the audible romance package for free.

I feel like it had something to do with a clock? I think I remember only what the cover looked like maybe This may be the book Submitted by Meghan not verified on September 1, - pm. This may be the book Amid Stars and Darkness? The book has eluded me for a couple years now Submitted by Amber F not verified on March 1, - pm. I read a book about 10 years ago.

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And I've tried googling everything I remember from it, but no luck. I had thought that the author was Cassie Edwards, but I looked up the plot to all her books and can't fond them. It was printed in the 80s or 90s. The plot goes something like this. A young woman, I think her name may have been Mara, is married to a Native American King not Chief of a hidden valley. Her brother, think his name was Jeffrey, live there with her.

She decides to go visit family in St. Louis and someone gives her a medallion for a safe journey. On her and her brother's way there, they get caught in a blizzard and she's thrown from her horse and she loses the medallion, I think they found it while searching for her A couple woodsmen take her in and care for her, but when she wakes up, she can't remember who she is and she's pregnant. Her brother comes for her with her husband and they take her home.

Along the way they're advised by a healer to not force her to remember anything, of course the husband is impatient. He tries to make her remember and freaks her out, making her think that she was a concubine or something similar and she runs away with her baby I think his name is Adam. He gives chase, I think he has the medallion, and she puts the medallion back on and remembers everything. Sounds like a plot from VC Andrews. I'm looking for a book, I can't remember the title but, I remember the cover, it had a cat walking through a snowy pathway of trees. I remember it had a bunch of storys in it, for example "How the elephant got its long trunk" and "why the kangaroo jumps".

Thats all I remember. Please help. Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling? Just So Stories" by Rudyard Kipling. One of my favorite books from childhood and the cat illustration on the front is from the story The Cat Who Walked by Himself.

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Cant remember the title of the series Submitted by Ottis Deaton not verified on March 18, - pm. I was reading a book in high school that really caught my eye, i never finished it because when we went on break the library got rid of them. It was about a girl who had lived in the city, but it got over run by a magical forest with magic cats in it and she had to find something that someone lost. I know its vauge, but please help. I would appreciate if you Submitted by Maral not verified on March 29, - pm.

I would appreciate if you email me the name of this book when you find it. Thank you. Sounds kind of like the Submitted by Ciara Williams not verified on March 25, - am. Sounds kind of like the garden of Eden. Except the women in the garden of Eden had an affair with two brothers.

Please help me find that fiction book from late 80ss Submitted by Nina not verified on March 31, - pm.

Dear All, I am trying to find this book for years, I read it a long time ago. The book is fiction and kind of a family saga. A poor girl marries an older man who is from one of the richest US families.