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You may offer an excerpt of a longer paper, so long as the excerpt is reasonable as a stand-alone document. Moreover, some brokers actually offer commission-free ETF trading, which reduces the costs even further. The ETF format also makes it easy for investors to buy and sell shares. As a result, ETF investors can react quickly if they see a reason to do so.

Finally, ETFs offer some tax advantages of their own.

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Although they have to pass through the income they earn, they typically offer favorable treatment when it comes to the rising value of the investments they hold in their portfolios. You'll pay taxes on the dividends they pay and on any capital gains you realize when you sell your ETF shares -- unless you hold the ETF in a tax-favored account, such as an IRA , k retirement plan , or college savings account -- but unlike some other similar pooled investments, the timing of those taxable events will largely remain in your control. It's true that REITs are already diversified because of their extensive real estate holdings, but it's rare for REITs to invest in more than one or two different types of properties.

Investors are used to REITs being tied to a specific property class, and so a REIT that sought to be a jack of all trades in the real estate market wouldn't get the positive reception that you might expect.

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In addition, REIT ETFs save you from the complexity of having to put together your own portfolio of individual real estate investment trusts. Especially in a taxable account, the hassles of accounting for multiple REIT purchases can be extensive. An ETF lets you make just a single investment, and that makes subsequent tracking easier. First, using an ETF won't give you as good returns as you'd get if you made a successful bet on a specific, particularly well-managed REIT.

In other words, diversification can work against you if you accept average returns for the sector rather than concentrating on the best players in the industry. In addition, ETFs impose an extra layer of fees, and although those costs aren't generally very high, they still represent a reduction in the amount of income you'll receive from your REIT investment.

As you'll see below, these two categories of ETFs have very different investing characteristics, making them attractive to discrete groups of investors. Each has its own approach toward investing in the REIT universe, with advantages and disadvantages that various investors will weigh differently.

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  • The Vanguard offering is the older and larger of the two, commanding the industry with a huge investor base. The ETF holds almost different stocks, with substantial allocations to retail, residential, office, healthcare, industrial, and hotel REITs, as well as more specialized real estate investment trusts. Among its top 10 holdings, you'll see REITs specializing in shopping malls, industrial properties, self-storage facilities, healthcare property, residential, office, and digital communications.

    The fund holds about stocks -- somewhat less than the Vanguard ETF, but it still has plenty of diversification.

    Vanguard's larger fund offers a bit more trading liquidity, but Schwab's expense ratio is lower. Investors can get commission-free trades by opening brokerage accounts with the two respective fund managers. Dividends contribute a huge portion of iShares Mortgage Real Estate's overall returns, but investors need to understand that the fund can be extremely volatile -- especially during periods when interest rates are moving higher. In order to generate more income, mortgage REITs routinely borrow substantial amounts of money, which they then turn around and reinvest in additional mortgage-backed securities.

    It's not uncommon to see mortgage REITs borrow several times as much money as they raise from shareholders, but as long as the mortgage REIT can earn a greater return on those securities than it pays in interest on its loans, the strategy results in greater profit for shareholders. However, if the value of the mortgage REIT's investments drops, then the high leverage involved can cause much greater losses than traditional REITs would experience in a similar real estate environment.

    The iShares Residential Real Estate ETF lets investors drill down on the real estate market that's directly related to residential living.


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    This includes not just REITs that own apartment buildings and other multifamily properties but also senior living and assisted living facilities. You'll also find self-storage operations within the ETF's portfolio. By concentrating on the residential side of the business, iShares Residential Real Estate avoids exposure to commercial real estate, letting investors manage their risk in whatever manner they see fit. If you're looking for the income and growth potential that real estate offers but don't want to deal with the hassles involved in investing in and owning individual pieces of property, then REITs can be an attractive way to add real estate exposure to your portfolio.

    With REIT ETFs like the ones listed above, you'll be able to get maximum diversification while still tailoring your holdings to the specific objectives you have for your investments. Not all investors own real estate investments, and you can earn solid returns without bothering to go beyond traditional stocks and bonds. But if the idea of real estate investing appeals to you, or if the diversification has value in your investment strategy, then consider these top REIT ETFs as an option for a portion of your investment assets.

    Should you consider a commercial residential real estate loan to finance your next fix-and-flip investment? Not sure if you should invest in real estate? See why right now is the best time to start. Mogul Login. Advertiser Disclosure We do receive compensation from some partners whose offers appear here. Click to enlarge.

    What's a REIT? Mortgage REITs, on the other hand, invest in securities that are related to mortgage financing of real estate, including not only mortgage loans but also mortgage-backed securities and similar derivative investments. REITs are also classified by the types of properties they own. Some of the categories include residential, retail, healthcare, self-storage, industrial, office, hotel, data center, and timber REITs. Because the underlying real estate holdings are so different, one category of REITs can have a different set of characteristics than another.

    The basics of exchange-traded funds Exchange-traded funds have become extremely popular across the investing universe, with trillions of dollars pouring into the thousands of ETFs you can choose from now. Any REIT ETF should also consider the following issues in picking the most appropriate investment: Top ETFs tend to have larger assets under management because greater asset levels typically mean lower costs. Not only do big ETFs usually have lower expense ratios -- which are the charges that mutual fund and ETF companies pass on to their shareholders to cover the costs of management and administration of the fund -- but the associated costs of trading shares are lower with a large, easily tradable ETF than with a small, illiquid ETF.

    The lowest-cost funds tend to use a big-picture approach to REIT investing. Those that drill down on smaller segments of the REIT universe often have higher fees. Even so, there's still some benefit, because owning multiple REITs gives you exposure to multiple management companies overseeing their real estate portfolios, taking away the risk that one particular property manager has done a poor job of picking real estate and operating its holdings. Dan Caplinger has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.