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Other important vegetables include sea vegetables such as kelp, nori, kombu and arame, just to name a few. Sea vegetables have a high concentration of iron, work as an anti-oxidant and stabilise blood sugar levels. Snacks that are high in magnesium, copper and iron, help maintain a healthy nervous system and help you feel less tired.

25 Easy And Healthy Snacks For Kids

Hazelnuts and cashews are a great source of this. Zinc and omega3 are also important nutrients found in nuts and seeds. Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function and can be found in cashews, pumpkin seeds and linseeds. Omega3 is a great nutrient for improving brain health and is not only found in nuts and seeds, but also healthy fats such as avocadoes and oily fish.

Smart snacks also fill you up for longer periods of time which can help you concentrate for longer. Big meals often slow you down mentally and physically as your body goes through the process of breaking down a large meal.

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Instead of eating a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner, opt for 5 or 6 smaller meals to keep concentration levels peaking. Get creative with your meal choices and benefit from increased brain power. Plus, you get to look forward to your next snack! Note: it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet, especially if you suffer from blood sugar conditions, iron deficiency, etc.

Consuming the correct amount of brain food does not simply start the night before.

You should be eating a brain food diet long before the night of an exam or test. Unfortunately, there is no magic brain food that will suddenly turn you into a genius. To calm your nerves the day before an exam, try eating carbohydrate-rich food as it makes you feel more relaxed than alert — just not on the actual day of your exam. It is also very high in Omega-3 fats, high in energy, high in fibre, naturally cholesterol-free and naturally very low in sodium.

The Blend contains no added sugar, only sugars naturally found in fruit and nuts. It includes premium quality Montagu raisins, walnuts, pecan nuts, dried apple, chia seeds and linseeds. Home Healthy lifestyle Brain food that is perfect to eat during exams. September 10, September 03, Most think that the only snacks they can take ar …. Transform your meals with this bumper collection of vegan dessert recipes! For every purchase of these Doug the Pug sneakers, Skechers will make a donation to the Petco Foundation. This book provides a practical guide to adopting a vegan lifestyle.

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